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Helping you to live more sustainably in the Macedon Ranges

David Gormley-O'Brien


Coming from an academic background, having graduated with Doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom in 2004, David approaches sustainability from a Christian humanist perspective exploring questions such as: what is it to be human and what makes us as humans happy? His research on Early Christian and Jewish philosophers in the Graeco-Roman period, who also explored such questions, has led him to reflect on and write about contemporary issues such as climate change, the injustice inherent in a global "free" market economy, the dehumanising effects of a consumerist life-style, and the need for voluntary simplicity in adjusting to a post-peak oil economy. He has recently co-edited a book with Anne Elvey, Climate Change - Cultural Change: religious responses and responsibilities (Melbourne: Mosaic Press, 2013).

As a historian, David is extremely passionate about exploring how people from earlier periods, and other cultures, survived and flourished prior to the modern period, and adapting their practical wisdom and insights for life in our times. He loves building especially useful and practical things that can help people to live more simply and become less dependent on highly consumptive technology, and so enable people to live what the second century Christian philosopher, Clement of Alexandria, calls "the real life".

Sara Gormley-O'Brien


From early on in her teenage years Sara developed a very keen interest in the techniques, scientific basis, history and ingredients of cooking. This interest blossomed during her adult life into a love for and fascination with broader domestic history, and in recent years she has become more and more convinced that a restored, integrated, and re-skilled domestic life can help mitigate the environmental problems, social discord, and growth in psychological distresses, so prevalent in modern urban life. She enjoys the sense of empowerment, contentment, and achievement that comes from taking personal control of her family's food, clothing, and shelter needs, and the excitment of discovering the lost skills and wisdom of an age prior to mass-production and consumption.

After a successful 15 year career in the corporate world where she had the satisfaction of helping others to achieve their goals by leading, advising and teaching, Sara now channels her love of helping people and her passion for living an intentional lifestyle in Three Acres and a Cow. Sara looks forward to supporting people like you as you too set out to discover an exciting, satisfying, and fulfilling way of life.