Baking bread

Develop skills one-on-one or in groups of up to four people. Workshops vary from 2.5-5.5 hrs, delivered in your own home using your own oven.

Explore the process, science and history of bread making, including how flours, yeasts, bacteria, fats, leavened enriched doughs, puff pastry, and puff leavened dough are used to provide sustenance, luxury and hospitality. The intent is to provide you with a foundational experience and knowledge of yeasted doughs, including long ferment and sourdough, sufficient to allow you to experiment confidently at home.

Preparing chickens for the pot

So you have moved to the country and bought yourself some chickens and have enjoyed raising them.  Now you have come to the point where you need to dispatch one either for meat or as a form of euthanasia and you are not exactly confident with the process and certainly do not wish to exacerbate the suffering of the animal. 

We at Three Acres and a Cow can help you here by showing you and being on hand in the dispatching process.  We can also show you how to prepare the carcass for cooking and preserving.

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